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The Nashville Area Gamers Association is an open community of gamers who work to foster games in Nashville by connecting fellow gamers and providing support for gaming related events and activities. We aim to be a resource for existing gaming communities as well as foster new ones.

The Motto: "More opportunities for more games".

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Major Gaming Events in 2016

Tabletop Day - Saturday April 30th (The Library)

NashCon - Weekend of May 27th (Click for NAGA discount admission!)

Origins - June 15th - 19th (Columbus, Ohio)*

GenCon - August 4th-7th (Indianapolis, IN)*

Mind's Eye Society - Weekend of October 15th

GMX - First weekend in November

PhreakNIC - Weekend of November 4th

* National events listed for those who road trip; carpooling is common.

Here are some of the local Meetup groups:

  NAGA Meetup (Add your events!)  Board Game Lovers  Greater Nashville RPG & Board Gamers Group  Middle TN Tabletop Game Designers

Photos from the last year of conventions:

 Photos: Nashcon 2013  Photos: GMX 2013  Photos: TN Game Days 2014  Photos: MTAC 2014 Friday  Photos: MTAC 2014 Saturday

Event Calendar

This is a combined calendar of several different groups in Nashville. Add your game to this calendar by joining our Meetup Group. We're happy to list any active traditional game event in Greater Nashville.

Track & Hull Club

Tuesday, December 6th at 6:00pm The Game Keep

The Track & Hull Club is a historical miniature gaming group that plays strategic games, primarily historical recreations or situations. We meet weekly at the Game Keep for miniature gaming.

Comics Day

Wednesday, December 7th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Open Board Games and Card Games Night

Wednesday, December 7th at 6:00pm Cheshire Hall

Open board game and card game night - feel free to drop in! We have a large library of advanced board games and card games.  There are usually a couple games running at any given time, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to jump into a game. Doors open at 5:00pm; games usually get going around 6:00pm and end between 10:00 and Midnight.

Modern Constructed 6PM

Wednesday, December 7th at 6:00pm Grand Adventures

$5.00 entry Modern Constructed

Nashville D&D Adventurers League

Wednesday, December 7th at 6:30pm The Game Keep

      The new season of Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League begins!

                        Greater Nashville D&D Adventurers League

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The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official organized play campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting. You can play D&D Adventurers League games at any place that features adventures bearing the D&D Adventurers League logo. You can create a character and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League is supported. 


Giants have emerged from their strongholds to threaten civilization as never before. Hill giants are stealing all the grain and livestock they can while stone giants have been scouring settlements that have been around forever. Fire giants are press-ganging the smallfolk into the desert, while frost giant longships have been pillaging along the Sword Coast. Even the elusive cloud giants have been witnessed, their wondrous floating cities appearing above Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate. Where is the storm giant King Hekaton, who is tasked with keeping order among the giants?

The humans, dwarves, elves, and other small folk of the Sword Coast will be crushed underfoot from the onslaught of these giant foes. The only chance at survival is for the small folk to work together to investigate this invasion and harness the power of rune magic, the giants’ weapon against their ancient enemy the dragons. The only way the people of Faerun can restore order is to use the giants’ own power against them.

This season's Dungeon Masters:

Table 1, Rick D; Table 2, Matt T, Table 3, Don C, Table 4, Mike S




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40K Gaming and open gaming as always

Thursday, December 8th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Whether you're loyal to the Emperor, a traitor to the corpse god, or an alien race bent on domination, you can find an opponent today.

40K Gaming

Friday, December 9th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Whether you're loyal to the Emperor, a traitor to the corpse god, or an alien race bent on domination, you can find an opponent today.

Strategy and Tabletop RPG Night

Friday, December 9th at 5:00pm Cheshire Hall

An evening spent on the more in depth games.  These can include tabletop roleplaying games, and strategy or long play board games (like Ogre, Duel of Ages, or Battlestar Galactica).  One-shots, campaigns, and long board games or card games are all welcome.  New players are always welcome and there are pretty much always a few seats free at a game.

Participants are encouraged to organize together in advance as groups for a particular game to better allocate tables.  While there are usually some gamers hanging out for a pick-up game, the idea of the evening is to organize for specific, longer games that aren't as feasible on the more casual Wednesday open gaming night.  Which isn't to say that it's a serious tone... we're a friendly group, and there's a bunch of laughter and cheering on most nights.

We encourage people to show up early, so games can get rolling earlier rather than later.  If you're planning a particular game, please note when it starts.  From Pathfinder to Fiasco, Arkham Horror to Railways of the World, you'll be able to find other people interested in playing just about anything under the sun.  Feel free to plan games in the comments section here.

Note: Doors open at 5pm with an eye toward play starting by 7pm. Like every other open event, this is participatory, so feel free to suggest and put forward ideas.  This is a Cheshire Hall event, part of NAGA, which includes many different gaming groups.

Friday Night D&D Adventurers League @ The Game Keep!

Friday, December 9th at 6:30pm The Game Keep

       The new season of Adventurers League continues!

Each module is designed for 4-8 hours play. Jump in anytime! We welcome new and veteran players! 

We will have Character Sheets and AL Logsheets available for everyone.

Bring your imagination and get ready to experience tabletop gaming!

RSVP now and reserve your spot!

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This event is limited to 2 tables - RSVP early to save your seat!

5e Nentir Vale ( not AL )

Friday, December 9th at 6:30pm The Game Keep

This will be an on going campaign. Please rsvp early and feel free to ask questions.

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The players are currently in a region known as Harkenwold, and are assisting a resistance against an oppressive leader who has recently taken control.

The heroes are level 4 currently. New players should start at 3. Iwill be tracking special items and reputation as the campaign progresses. This is meant to be a heroic adventure, where the players will be front and center for major events.

Thanks all,


Magic Tournament!

Friday, December 9th at 7:00pm Grand Adventures

Heroclix Tourney

Saturday, December 10th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Force of Will Constructed @2PM

Saturday, December 10th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

40K Gaming

Saturday, December 10th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

Whether you're loyal to the Emperor, a traitor to the corpse god, or an alien race bent on domination, you can find an opponent today.

Conquest Constructed Event

Saturday, December 10th at 12:00am Grand Adventures

The Changed - Changeling the Lost and Changing Breeds

Saturday, December 10th at 12:00pm Cheshire Hall

The Changed is a Theatrical LARP -- think "Murder Mystery Dinner Party" or "Escape Room" -- set in a modern fantasy setting.  Characters are Changed: they look human, but are actually ogres, werecreatures, fair folk, living machines, or other creatures from myth and folklore.  They travel the world to maintain balance in change: shepherds of the powerful fantastic creatures, forging peace between humans and their more magical neighbors.

Uses the Chronicles of Darkness rules for Changing Breeds and Changeling the Lost.

New players are always welcome!  No experience needed; this is a story focused event.

Regular Open Events

Want your group listed here? We're going to be opening up this website for collaborative editing in May 2016, or you can contact Evan to get your group listed right now. You can also list events on the NAGACentral Meetup, or ask that your meetup be added to the calendar to the left.

Open Board Game and Card Game Nights

Every Wednesday Cheshire Hall hosts a Open Board Game Night, which can range from card games through all manner of board games, through to strategy wargames. There is often a pot luck dinner, and plenty of pick up games. Everybody is welcome to show up, meet other gamers and play from the extensive library of games our members have. Feel free to bring a game, or show up to look for new players. For more information, call Evan at (814) 889-8845, or Sarah at (814) 404-0008.

Another Wednesday group meets at Frontline Games in Clarksville on Wednesdays, and it's a great open group too!

See Wednesday Open Nights on Meetup »

RPG and Strategy Game Nights

Every Friday Cheshire Hall hosts a Open RPG and Strategy Game Night, which is honestly just the night for longer games -- including board games if you want. It's a little more organized, so you might want to declare a game you want to run and get some players. On the other hand, there are usually a few people who just show up that can form a table.

See Friday Open Nights on Meetup »

Nashville Unveiled

Do you like murder mystery parties or improv theater? Are you into urban and modern supernatural fantasy games? Then join the ongoing story that is Nashville Unveiled! This is a theatrical style LARP: no foam weapons, and more like a dinner party with character sheets. Well... and occasional bloodthirsty combat resolved through a variant of the classic RPG turns and dice. Alternates with Tabletop RPG Day on Saturdays.

Visit the Website »

GenCon Caravan

Every year we head up to the biggest four days in gaming: GenCon Indy. The 2016 Caravan is already shaping up for the largest gaming convention in the world.

Visit the Website »

What is NAGA

The Nashville Area Gamer Association is an open community of gamers who work to foster games in Nashville by connecting fellow gamers and providing support for gaming related events and activities. We aim to be a resource for existing gaming communities as well as foster new ones.

Our motto: "More opportunities for more games".


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November 23rd, 2016

Wednesday, November 23rd at 11:17am

Thanksgaming is tonight! It's an annual potluck celebration of our local gaming community. Here's some footage from 2015, wherein I accidentally discovered that if I am standing next to my wife and talk with a group with the camera pointed slightly down, or lean in for a kiss, I take footage of her cleavage that Google seems to always autoselect when making a movie. Ah well.

First turkey has been in the oven for awhile making delicious smells. Next turkey going in soon.

If you're a gamer in the Nashville area, we've got it listed on Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/NAGACentral/events/235639204/

November 12th, 2016

Saturday, November 12th at 12:05pm

So, somewhere somebody on G+ posted about semi-randomly dropping a donkey wearing a straw hat into a dungeon crawl and then watching the reactions of the players. My players promptly named him Lord Billingsworth (the name changes a little each time: Billingshire, Billingham), and will fight like hell to protect it. I'm actually thinking about adding a bard-like bonus when fighting to rally around the donkey.

I highly recommend it for all games out there. Make 2017 the year of the donkey in a straw hat.

November 11th, 2016

Friday, November 11th at 11:37am

My grandfather died this year. Over 70 years after the war, he still wouldn't really talk about it. He trained bombardiers and was in the Pacific theater toward the end. He was in the Army Air Forces, which later became the Air Force. He had a subscription to Air Force Magazine, and I grew up flipping through his copy of Jane's All the World's Aircraft. He had a framed bulldog painting in the bathroom that read in large letters, "War is Hell."

He handed a young kid a knife and some wood and I learned how to shape it. He taught me how to plane down a door to fit and how to hang it so it would close well. He loved my grandmother very much and was an example of how to treat your spouse (something he also taught my dad). He was a irrepressible punsmith, and I will always remember the look on his face right before I stepped outside to get married, and years later, right after we found out that my dad died. Most of all, I will remember his quick and easy smile.

I am of the generation that was never drafted. To all those who were, and those who chose and choose to serve, thank you.

November 3rd, 2016

Thursday, November 3rd at 11:31pm

#Mapvember 3 - The Descent

I decided to try for a style of map for today that is different from most RPG maps: something along the lines of the air safety instruction cards from jetliners. As a non-artist, it's pretty much as difficult as any other style for me, but I've laid out a nice modern adventure, with 17 encounter opportunities in nine floors, a few of them structural issues, as the building has clearly suffered significant damage.

Micro description: When aliens attacked the city, we were on the top floor. Their bombing run shattered the city, and the first order of business was to figure a way out, rescuing that person crying for help on the sixth floor, and get past all the dangers. Beyond the physical obstructions, that includes both panicked people -- some armed -- and the alien parasite things that flooded the city. Fire in the front entrance and debris blocking the back means a run through the basement, down to the sub-basement, and a climb up through the exhaust vent. But something now lurks in the basement, preparing for the next phase of the invasion.

However, I can not figure out for the life of me how to draw simplified isometric stairwells from the front and back. I have two in the basement and sub-basement from the side that work great. But that stairwell on the left side of the building is near impossible for me to figure out.

The great thing about being a non-artist trying to learn is that I can just say to heck with it, focus on the rest, and figure that I'll know what to do when I have more experience. I tossed a icon for a stair in there, and it's usable. The size is due to it being aimed at a 11x17 print that you can pop on the table for a nice one shot; the original is stupid high resolution for that reason, and I have that space for some nice player resources. The actual floors are to be covered with sticky notes and revealed as the players progress. I have nifty black notes for that reason.


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November 2nd, 2016

Wednesday, November 2nd at 6:09pm

Mapvember 2 - Derelict - A yacht run aground on a set of reefs (preliminary).

Why such a small yacht would have a cell with iron bars and a hidden space behind a wall is unknown. Also, whatever was in the cage seems to be missing -- and likely on your island. Alas, discovering this takes you over a set of coral heads between which some finny and suckered friends are lurking.

Preliminary because I quickly tossed it together (game night tonight!). I may clean it up or I may not. It's based on a spot where, as a kid, I used to build forts and play.


November 2nd, 2016

Wednesday, November 2nd at 12:17am

Here's Mapvember 1 - Beacon. It is designed to have a party go in through the public docking bay (23), have your spaceship destroyed, figure out what's going on (alien infestation?) as you pass through the station. This should push them toward a major encounter in 15 to get the McGuffin (in 30) to fix the beacon (1), and exit through a stolen ship in the other bay (27).

Notably 15 and 19 are nasty depending on how you stock them, and how the party handles them tactically, and you have to make your way 3/4th of the way around, including passing through the beacon chamber (2) to gain access to the center. That gives you plenty of time for interesting encounters that inform the players so the whole thing holds together as a cohesive whole. Or it works fine as a bang-on-the-hulls sprint to get a ship in the other bay with no incentive other than to pillage and survive. In that case, stock 30 with treasure.


October 28th, 2016

Friday, October 28th at 2:23pm

"So much of rpg bloggery is "fighting the last war." A myriad of adverse gaming experiences with any number of causes are generalized to sweeping pronouncements about what games should be played and how they should be played." -- +trey causey

Nothing startling, but worth stating explicitly now and then. And no, it really does not matter to what this was a comment, as it applies in general. Across many non-RPG blogs and social media as well, of course.

October 25th, 2016

Tuesday, October 25th at 9:24pm

Chemists are Masters of the Elements.

Original Post from Michael Moceri:

Stars fuse elements until they end up with iron, which is a sort of death knell for them. Star poison, if you will. But iron is also poisonous to faeries. So faeries and stars must be the same thing, right?

October 21st, 2016

Friday, October 21st at 10:37pm

So, I walk through the library, and my lovely wife is running a Pugmire game using Red and Pleasant Land, roleplaying the Mome Rath as Donald Trump to four dogs and one cat character in Zak's twisted vision of Wonderland. Not only is she getting plot across to them by exclaiming that the low stamina Red Queen has blood coming out of her "wherever," she's mocking their club head speed as they roll poorly to hit. Unpack that bundle of strange and ye shall know my life.

Cry Havoc and Takenoko followed by Deduce or Die in the other room. A typical Friday night. Oh, and when I took this photo Sarah wanted it known that she was playing the Mome Rath as orange, not green.

October 18th, 2016

Tuesday, October 18th at 8:14am

I'm digging +Brett Slocum's updated The Petal Hack, which is (as the title suggests) a The Black Hack hack for Empire of the Petal Throne.

It gives just enough intro so any experienced GM could fake it, but I think it really shines as a rules light, low buy-in way for a GM who knows Tékumel to give a group of players a quick run through the world. The art is functional -- which is important for a setting that isn't populated with generally familiar species. The layout is typical to better than average for a free work done for the love of the game: topics and pages are logical. It's a fun little PDF.

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