Library Catalog

Games Available in the NAGA Game Library


This is a community game library composed of the contributions of gamers throughout the greater Nashville area -- people like you! They are here to be played. If your gaming group would like to borrow some games, please inquire, and if you have games you would like to donate, please ask!

In addition to these games, we also have various support accessories and a substantial set of traditional and roleplaying games.

The Games

Title of GameCollectionIDNotes
12 RealmsBoard Game337
20th Century RailsBoard Game175
300: The BoardgameBoard Game346
6 Nimmt!Card Game263
AcquireBoard Game245
AdventurelandBoard Game150
Alien FrontiersBoard Game334
Anar CitySmall Game442
Antiques RoadshowSmall Game286
Apples to ApplesSmall Game368
AquaSphereBoard Game371Complex
Arctic ScavengersBoard Game403
Arkham HorrorBoard Game473
Axis and AlliesOversized340Complex
Axis and AlliesOversized378Complex
Axis and AlliesOversized410Complex
BalderdashBoard Game392
BattlebotsBoard Game469
Battlestar GalacticaBoard Game413
Battlestar Galactica: Exodus ExpansionBoard Game201
Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus ExpansionBoard Game122
BattueBoard Game102
Battue: Walls of TarsosSpecial Collection466
Bear vs Gorilla vs CEO vs HippieSmall Game307
Bedtime HeroesSmall Game279
Between Two CitiesBoard Game372
Bigfootsies: the Card GameSmall Game186
Bill of RightsSmall Game221
BohnanzaSmall Game127Popular
Bomb RunCard Game159
Bomb SquadBoard Game181
Bomb Squad AcademySmall Game479
BootleggersBoard Game389
Bootown TycoonSmall Game121
BorneoBoard Game309
BorogroveCard Game313
BorogroveCard Game314
Boss MonsterSmall Game310
Boss Monster 2Small Game128
BoxcarsBoard Game453
Brave RatsCard Game104
Brawl: AlexCard Game445Fast
Brawl: CraneCard Game385Fast
Brawl: GinaCard Game394Fast
Brawl: MischoCard Game318Fast
Brawl: NickieCard Game363Fast
Brawl: RentCard Game284Fast
Brawl: SoniaCard Game360Fast
Brawl: TamiyaCard Game248Fast
Brawl: TessCard Game196Fast
Brawl: Ting TingCard Game443Fast
BullfrogsSmall Game259
Bunt HerumSmall Game206
CaledeaBoard Game213
Calling all TurtlesBoard Game411
Campaign TrailSpecial Collection107
Car WarsSmall Game289
Cards Against HumanitySpecial Collection147Adult themes
CathedralBoard Game457Two player
CavemenSmall Game439
Chain LettersBoard Game267
Chez CthulhuBoard Game323
Chutes and LaddersOversized301
CitadelsSmall Game322
City of HorrorBoard Game435
Civil War GameSpecial Collection352
CivilizationBoard Game416
ClueOversized108Kid friendly
ClueOversized142Kid friendly
CoconutsBoard Game185Kid friendly
Coin AgeCard Game377Fast, Two player
Con!Card Game452
CoupSmall Game299Popular
CoupSmall Game315Popular
CoupSmall Game338Popular
Coup: ReformationSmall Game153
Crazy CardsCard Game112
CreaturesCard Game356
Crown and KingdomBoard Game341
Cthulhu RisingBoard Game252
d0x3d!Board Game402
DC Deck Building GameBoard Game210
DC Deck Building GameBoard Game232
Dead Man's TreasureBoard Game418
DeadwoodBoard Game432
Demise of Dr. FrankensteinBoard Game219
DicecapadesBoard Game306
DiggityCard Game282
DiplomacyBoard Game409
Doctor WhoBoard Game250
Dominion: Box 1Special Collection415
Dominion: Box 2Special Collection489
Dominion: GuildsSpecial Collection391
Don't Turn Your BackBoard Game162
Dragon WarSmall Game200
DragonhuntBoard Game333
Dread PirateBoard Game463
Dreaming SpiresBoard Game350
DrumisBoard Game470
Duel of AgesBoard Game292
Dunegons and Dragons: Wrath of AshardalonBoard Game438
Dungeons and Dragons: Castle RavenloftBoard Game208
Dungeons and Dragons: Conquest of NazarethOversized308
Dwarves, Inc.Board Game482
Eaten By ZombiesSmall Game237
Eaten By Zombies: ExpansionCard Game406
EclipseBoard Game172
Edition WarsSmall Game460
El CaballeroBoard Game365
El Dorado CanyonSmall Game472
Elder SignBoard Game395Popular
Elemental ClashSmall Game384
Eminent DomainCard Game275
Empire BuilderBoard Game450
Emu RanchersCard Game152
EnigmaBoard Game420
EonsSmall Game247
Epic Spell WarsSmall Game234
Epic Spell WarsSmall Game235
Eve: Day of DarknessCard Game336
Eve: The Great WarCard Game157
Evil Baby OrphanageSmall Game399
ExagoniaBoard Game199
Exploding KittensSpecial Collection297Adult themes
FallingCard Game138
FeliniaBoard Game236
Firefly: Shiney DiceBoard Game414
Flags of the Civil WarCard Game195
FluxxSmall Game329Popular
Fluxx: OzSmall Game396Popular
Fluxx: StarSmall Game304Popular
Fluxx: ZombieSmall Game240Popular
For $aleSmall Game261Popular
Foreclo$edBoard Game426
Fortress AmericaBoard Game380
Fortune and GloryOversized203
Fortune and Glory: Rise of the Crimson HandOversized241
France 1940Board Game467
Frog JuiceSmall Game423
Galaxy TruckerBoard Game390
Game of Thrones: The BoardgamesBoard Game303
Garage Sale ManiaOversized168
GearsBoard Game258
GetsomeSpecial Collection223Adult themes
Getsome: Bad DecisionsSpecial Collection192Adult themes
Glory to RomeSmall Game319
Going, Going, GONE!Board Game347
Great DalmutiSmall Game197
Great Wall of ChinaSmall Game477
HarborSmall Game328
Harry Potter TCGCard Game397
Harry Potter Trivia GameBoard Game383
HobbitBoard Game455
Hollywood BlockbustersBoard Game488
HostCard Game398
HovercraftBoard Game230
HunterBoard Game136
I Say, Holmes!Small Game103
Ice Cube JamCard Game115
If I'm Going DownSmall Game173
IlluminatiSmall Game361
ImageBoard Game131
Incan GoldSmall Game134
InnovationSmall Game375
InstinctCard Game407
INWOSmall Game345
Iron HorsesCard Game276
JaipurSmall Game382
JapaneseCard Game354
JapaneseCard Game373
JerichoCard Game481
Jumpin' MonkeysBoard Game266Kid Friendly
JunkSmall Game205
Ka-DoomCard Game335
KarubaBoard Game262
King of TokoyoBoard Game228Popular
King of Tokoyo: Power UpSpecial Collection216Popular
King's CourtCard Game231
LanternsSmall Game215
Laser BattleOversized229
Legendary LegacyCard Game188
LifeOversized344Kid friendly
LifeOversized366Kid friendly
Life: Star WarsOversized459Kid friendly
Looney BinCard Game116
Loopin' LouieBoard Game287Kid Friendly
Lord of the RingsBoard Game184
LostBoard Game464
Love LetterCard Game164Simple, Fast
Luck of the DiceSmall Game449
Lunch MoneyCard Game187
Machi KoroBoard Game182
Mad: What - Me Worry?Oversized478
MagdarBoard Game101
Mall FrenzySmall Game424
MasqueradeSmall Game487
Maze MasterBoard Game468
Middle Earth QuestOversized238
MifuchiSmall Game367Kid Friendly
MinionCard Game353
Miskatonic School for GirlsBoard Game430
Mix and Match RobbersSmall Game133
MogulBoard Game405
Monopoly: SimpsonsOversized129
Monopoly: The Walking DeadBoard Game135
Monty Python and the Holy Grail CCGCard Game294
Monty Python and the Holy Grail CCGCard Game295
Moriarity's MachinationsCard Game412
Mouse TrapOversized265Kid friendly
MunchkinSpecial Collection302Popular
Munchkin: BoardSpecial Collection358Popular
Munchkin: BootySpecial Collection312Popular
Munchkin: DeluxeSpecial Collection178Popular
Munchkin: Star MunchkinSpecial Collection243Popular
Munchkin: The Good, The Bad, and the MunchkinSpecial Collection273Popular
Munchkin: TokensSpecial Collection332Popular
Munchkin: ZombiesSpecial Collection305Popular
My DwarvesSmall Game342
NanoBot Battle ArenaSmall Game113
Nascar ChampionsOversized174
Night EternalSmall Game176
Nightfall: Eastern SkiesBoard Game163
Nightmare ChessSmall Game446
Nightmare ChessSmall Game447
Nodwick: The Card GameSmall Game362
Ohne Furcht und AdelSmall Game419
OperationOversized381Kid friendly
OutburstSmall Game454
Owners ChoiceBoard Game194
Palast GeflusterCard Game260
PalenqueBoard Game269
PandemicBoard Game149Popular, Long
Pandemic: ContaigonSmall Game401
Pass the PigsSmall Game253Fast
PasswordSmall Game483
PentagoSmall Game441Two Player
Piraten PokerCard Game474
Pit: ClassicSmall Game444Popular
Pit: DeluxeSmall Game141Popular
Pitch SixCard Game436
Pizza Box BaseballBoard Game376
Po-Ke-NoBoard Game370
Po-Ke-NoSpecial Collection148
Poker Siced Tennessee Football HeroesCard Game300
PoliticsSmall Game421
PortholesBoard Game448
Power GridOversized191Popular
Power Grid: Factory ManagerOversized155Popular
Power Grid: The First SparkOversized404Popular
ProbeBoard Game169
Pyramid Home GameBoard Game429
PyramixBoard Game249
Quidditch: The GameOversized324
QuiddlerSmall Game222
QwirkleBoard Game165Simple, Popular
Rack-OBoard Game160Simple
Rack-OSmall Game154Simple
Red Dragon InnBoard Game321
Red Dragon Inn 2Board Game272
Red Dragon Inn 4Board Game207
Red Dragon Inn: Gambling? I'm In!Special Collection425
Red Dragon Inn: ZariahSpecial Collection143
Reels and DealsSmall Game480
Renaissance ManBoard Game271
Resident EvilBoard Game461
ResistanceSmall Game209
Ricochet RobotsBoard Game214Simple, Complex
Risk and Castle RiskOversized244
Risk: Lord of the RingsOversized465
Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy EditionOversized364
Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy EditionOversized387
Robo RallyOversized351
Rocket JockeySmall Game130
RookSmall Game428
RoxSmall Game218
SakuraBoard Game359
Scene It? Harry PotterOversized298
ScovilleBoard Game431
Scrabble: SlamCard Game125
Scrabble: Word RummySmall Game166
Scrapyard EmpireSmall Game280
Scurvy DogsBoard Game226
Sentinels of the MultiverseBoard Game296
SequenceBoard Game171
SetCard Game124Simple
Set DiceSmall Game285
Setters of CatanSpecial Collection355
Settlers of Catan: 5-6 Player ExpansionSpecial Collection290
Settlers of Catan: SeafarersSpecial Collection167
Shadow ShiftBoard Game170
SiegeSmall Game118
SmallworldBoard Game490Popular
Smallworld: A Spiders WebSpecial Collection119
Smallworld: ExpansionSpecial Collection485
Smallworld: Grand Dames of SmallworldSpecial Collection242
Smallworld: RealmsBoard Game239
Smallworld: Tales and LegendsCard Game233
Smallworld: TunnelsSpecial Collection126
Smallworld: UnderworldBoard Game456
Smash UpBoard Game114Popular
Song BurstBoard Game105
Sorry SlidersOversized462Kid friendly
Sorry: Card GameCard Game379
South ParkSmall Game110
Spare PartsCard Game417
Spectral RailsBoard Game291
Spell StealersSmall Game484
SplitSmall Game251
Spy AlleySpecial Collection137
Star RealmsCard Game264Popular
Star Trek CatanBoard Game400Popular
Star Trek Deck Building GameBoard Game343
Star Trek GameOversized254
Star Trek ScrabbleBoard Game311
Star Trek: The Card GameCard Game246
Star Trek: The Enterprise EncounterBoard Game211
Star Wars Episode IBoard Game388
Start PlayerCard Game189
StixxBoard Game190Simple, Fast
Stones of FateSmall Game256
Storage Wars: The GameBoard Game327
Stratego: Star WarsOversized278
Summoner WarsBoard Game316
Superfight: The Loot Crate DeckCard Game202
SurvivalisticCard Game369
Swords and BagpipesBoard Game123
SymetraSpecial Collection476
Ta Ta Ta!Card Game140
TakenokoBoard Game193Popular
Tash-KalarBoard Game427
TemporumBoard Game257
TeraformingSmall Game106
TeraformingSmall Game144
Texas Shake 'emBoard Game109
The Currency WarBoard Game120
The King CommandsCard Game486
The Majority 2Card Game374
The Party GameOversized139
Thoroughly Hilarious Drinking GamesCard Game225
Tic TalkSmall Game146
Tiers of ExistenceSpecial Collection180
Times to RememberBoard Game422
Top Trumps: DinocaursCard Game117
Top Trumps: LotR Return of the KingCard Game451
Top Trumps: LotR Two TowersCard Game325
Top Trumps: LotR Two TowersCard Game326
Top Trumps: PredatorsCard Game317
Top Trumps: Star WarsCard Game288
Top Trumps: Ultimate Millitary JetsCard Game437
TortugaBoard Game255
TowerSmall Game433
TribblesBoard Game198Popular
Trivial Persuit: Genus 5Board Game158
Trivial PursuitBoard Game156
Trivial Pursuit 90s EditionOversized151
Twilight StruggleBoard Game277
Unexploded CowSmall Game283
Vampire: Dark InfluencesSmall Game111
Vampire: Prince of the CityBoard Game274Strategy
Wabbits WevengeBoard Game177
Waggle DanceBoard Game293
Warhammer: DiskwarsBoard Game224
WarhamsterBoard Game183
We Didn't Playtest ThisCard Game320
What's it to Ya?Small Game349
WhitechapelBoard Game212Complex
Who Can Beat NixonBoard Game471
Who's the AssSmall Game268
Wild GunCard Game440
World of Warcraft: Heroes of AzerolhSmall Game330
World of Warcraft: Heroes of AzerolhSmall Game331
Wrong ChemistrySmall Game434
Zombie ApocalypseCard Game179
Zombie!!!Small Game475Strategy