Cheshire Hall and Library Move


Cheshire Hall is moving, and along with it, all associated events and the NAGA Game Library.

Where is the new location? West Inglewood: that’s basically the bit of East Nashville directly north of downtown. Take 24/65 north, and turn right (east) on Trinity Lane. Turn left at the third traffic light (1 mile off the highway) and follow Jones Ave past the two quick turns left and right. The house has a huge pale blue side that we’re hanging a Tennessee flag from as a landmark for players.

It’s also easily accessed from Gallatin Pike or Ellington Parkway in East Nashville: we’re between the highway and all the foodie places you could want, a block from East Nashville Beer Works, a minute from fast food, a dozen restaurants, and two minutes from Kroger.

But… I use my phone for directions: The address is 2005 Jones Ave, Nashville 37207

What about parking? There is ample parking in the backyard: it is one of the reasons we selected the location. The driveway is a semi-steep incline. Street parking is available.

The Games? Room? The NAGA Game Library is at the new location, and we have a much better layout: multiple large rooms, plus a socializing kitchen, a big backyard, and so on. Events will continue as they have in the past, just in a better location.

How far is it from the old place? Easy for current gamers: The new location is the same travel time for anybody who takes 24 from the south and nearly the same if you take 65 from the south (Franklin/Brentwood). It is closer if you take 40 from the east or 24/65 from the north, and the same if you come in from west of the 440/40 split (Dixon). If you are nearby, it’s about 15 minutes from here, plus traffic if it’s rush hour.

The NAGA Games Library and Cheshire Hall is at 2005 Jones Ave, 37207 as of August 2017 - Spread the word!

Contact Information

Phone numbers:
Sarah (814) 404-0008
Evan (814) 889-8845

Old Location: 2117 Bernard Ave., Nashville, TN 37212
New Location: 2005 Jones Ave., Nashville, TN 37207